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Car Wash

Valet parking comes with the car wash packages that are available in three categories with different services enclosed in each package. Here are the carwash packages with details. You can choose any option according to your preference or your requirements.

Car Wash

Bronze Car Valet

Wash £15

Exterior washed and leathered with liquid wax

  • Exterior body wash and leather with liquid wax
  • Wheels wash
  • Wheel arches and tyres dressing to restore the appearance of alloy wheels and side walls

Silver Car Valet

Wash £18

All amenities of Bronze Car Valet, plus;

  • Windows cleaning, interior and exterior
  • Interior vacuuming including carpets, upholstery and floor mats
  • Boot area cleaning (if required)

Gold Car Valet

Wash £23

All amenities of Gold Car Valet, plus;

  • Polishing dashboard and fascia, interior plastics and door panels
  • Cleaning all air vents and ashtrays
  • Eliminating any odours with air freshener

You can select whichever package you like in your valet parking deal at the time of booking.