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Smart Airport Parking Ltd - How It Works

We offer a smart booking service for long term parking at Luton airport. Our customers make their reservations in advance and choose a parking option according to their preferences. This "howitworks" page contains all the info you need to make your parking choices and understand how we provision those services to you on your travel day.

Managing car parking is an intricate process from the booking to its execution till your vehicle is returned for your journey home. It involves a few steps that are explained here along with details on parking options that you get to choose from according to your requirement. All you have to do is to select an option by carefully reading the details on what services each package carry and then you can make your reservation within minutes.

Our Booking Process

Our recommendation is to book your parking spot online at www.smartairportparkingltd.co.uk or call us at 03333216212 within our office hours. (09:00 - 18:00).
In order to make parking reservation you need to have your departure and arrival schedule at hand.

More info that is needed to make your reservation is as follows:

  • Your car details
  • Your contact info
  • Your choice from available parking options
  • meet & greet
  • park & ride
  • valet (also choose car wash option)
  • Preferred payment method

Meet and Greet / Departure Procedure

With all this info available, the booking process will only take a few minutes. Once your payment process is complete and automated email is sent to you containing all your booking and parking details and directions for your travel day. It is advised to print out this booking confirmation email and keep it with you. Let's take a look now at how our parking options work and which one is best suited for you.

Meet and Greet Parking

The following details are for meet and greet as well as valet parking option to park upon departure and arrival at Luton airport.

Departure from Luton

Before arriving at the airport on your travel day, give as a call at 07402 840388. Once you inform us, our uniformed parking agent with our identity card will be dispatched to meet you at bay 11 in the short stay car park while you make your way there. He will collect your car and provide you with our parking receipt. After the vehicle handover is complete, you are only 4 minutes walk away from the check-in desk at the airport. Meanwhile our agent will drive your car to our secure car park off-airport located half a mile from the airport. Our car park is secure and guarded 24/7.

Arrival at Luton

When you return, inform us by calling at 07402 840388 after you arrive in the baggage reclaim hall or after clearing passport control in case you have no baggage to collect. After you inform us of your arrival, we will dispatch our uniformed agent with your car. We will advise you when your car will be at the collection spot, bay 11 in the short stay car park.
Once you get to the collection spot, our agent will return your keys and car. Do make sure that you are satisfied with our service before you leave the short stay parking area.
*For valet Luton parking customers, the vehicles are washed before they are dispatched for collection.

Park and Ride

Read the following details carefully for park and ride service at Luton airport.


If you chose park and ride services, you will be required to arrive at our off-airport parking compound and park there. Please follow these directions to get to the car park: From M1;
Take the 3rd exit at the roundabout for New Airport Way and continue onto this route (A505). Keep right and stay on New Airport Way (A505).
Take the 2nd exit at the roundabout for Vauxhall Way/A505.
Take the 4th exit at the roundabout to Green Gates into Restricted usage road and arrive at Airport Parking Luton Park and Ride.
Eaton Green Rd,
Luton, UK
While you drive into the Luton Park & Ride Car Park, keep to your right and follow the road ahead.
You could also use the SAT NAV to arrive with post code: LU2 9LD

Departure from Luton

Continue straight ahead after arriving at the access road to Luton Park & Ride area until you reach the car park. Now proceed to the vehicle drop-off area by the customer reception.

There our attendant will greet you and provide a return slip containing your vehicle identification. Collect your slip and head to the free shuttle while our attendant will load your luggage to the shuttle and have your car parked.

The shuttles depart as soon and possible and always within 20 minutes. The journey time from our car park to the airport is 4 minutes but bear in mind this time may exceed during the rush hours so plan your arrival accordingly.

Arrival at Luton

When you return and have cleared customs, please inform us at 07402 840388 to request collection. Then you head to the Passenger Car Drop Off area to board our shuttle back to the car park. All our shuttles have our Logo (Premium Park and Ride) on them which makes them easily recognizable.

Our drivers will assist you in loading your luggage onto the shuttle and bring you back to the car park to collect you car within 10 minutes. Once you arrive at the car park, present your parking slip at the Customer Reception, and receive your keys.

Your car will be parked in the exit lane nearby, ready to leave for home.

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